Yantra is an extremely effective tool, talisman or a spiritual diagram crafted on a religious metal like Copper, Silver, Ashtadhatu, Bhojpatra, Gold Plating etc. It is said to be the simplest and the shortest path to attain one’s aspirations and fulfill the desires. It is believed that ‘Deities’ reside in the Yantras and one can nullify the negative impacts of planets with the help of Puja Yantras.
Once placed in the meditation room with all the formal procedures, they can infuse the environment with absolute positive energies. We have categorized the wide range of Yantras into the following:

Ganesha Yantra

The Ganesha Yantra is a powerful Yantra that instills the ability to focus and achieve one’s goals. The radiated energies from this device augment the positive spirits and boost one’s confidence levels. It ensures success in all the comings and goings.

Kubera Yantra

Kuber is the God of wealth. Worshipping this yantra opens your doors for all the richness, luxuries and financial prosperity! Once placed, this powerful device ensures materialistic comforts, treasure and successful life.
Dhanakarshana Yantra
Kubera Dhanakarshana yantra is suitable for those looking for high monetary flow, luxurious and a comfortable life. This Yantra showers luck and the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and ensures success, happiness and prosperity in life.

Sudarshana Yantra

Renowned as a suffering-easer, Sudarshana Yantra helps overcome all the prevailing anguish and qualms. Associated with Lord Vishnu, it surrounds the user with positive vibrations and helps ease mental trauma, anxiety, ill-health and other difficulties.

Saraswathi Yantra

Goddess Saraswati is believed to infuse our lives with creativity and art. Associated with Goddess Sarawasti, this yantra is known to strengthen one’s wisdom and intelligence and helps master in all walks of life. The divine power of this Yantra brings supreme knowledge and deflects one towards an innovative approach.

Maha Vishnu Yantra

Lord Vishnu is known as the creator and protector of the Universe. Worshipping this yantra protects one from all the evil spirits. It blesses the worshiper with a successful personal as well as professional life. It magnifies the happiness and brings utter confidence. Place this Yantra in your house for absolute harmony, success and prosperity in your life.

Subramanya Yantra

Lord Subramanya, also known as Lord Murga, is an epitome of confidence and wisdom. Place this Yantra in your house if you lack confidence and intelligence. This yantra is believed to uplift discouraged esteems and helps enhance confidence levels.

Shiva Yantra

Lord Shiva is the Guru of all the gurus of the world. Known as the lord of mercy and compassion, this yantra is known to eliminate all the fears in one’s life and leads the worshipper to the road of success and victory. It eradicates all the evil spirits that overshadow one’s positivity and helps one discover their hidden potential!

Sri Krishna Yantra

Associated with arts and skills, this Sri Krshna Yantra bestows the worshipper with a shining personality and excellent communication skills. It helps one captivate people and presents one with a strong magnetic personality. Once place, this yantra blesses one with immense strength and energy to fulfill all the desires of the worshipper.

Hanuman Yantra

This Yantra is associated with Lord Hanuman, also known as the protector of the troubled. This Yantra eliminates all the anguish and health ailments. Popularly known as the ‘Guardian Deity’, this yantra safeguards you from all the perils and reinforces one with tremendous courage and knowledge. It benefits the worshipper with longevity and motivate inner spirits. It also protects one from the malefic effects planet Saturn.

Rama Raksha Yantra

Lord Rama is an epitome of pure and righteous thoughts and absolute success. Worshipping this yantra helps purify one’s thoughts and infuse the worshipper with spiritual interests. It helps achieve success in all walks of life and protects one from all evil energies and enemies.

Durga Yantra

One is advised to worship this yantra for divine blessings of Goddess Durga. This highly effective yantra infuses one with immense courage to eradicate all difficulties and imparts strength to fulfill all desires. Powerful against evil energies and enemies, this yantra protects the worshipper from all sorts of threats and dangers.

Kalabhairava Yantra

Worshipping Lord Kalabhairava, also known as the Lord of time, let all your efforts and initiatives yield success. This yantra bestows the worshipper with great success and helps sharpen multi-tasking and time management skills. It helps wipe out bad times and also relieves one from volumes of debts.