Are you lost in the meandering path of life where loss and pain are your only friends? If yes, Pt. PawanKaushik is a ray of hope for people seeking a divine hand and exceptional assistance to cope up with grief and distress in their lives.

Pt. Pawan Kaushik began his spiritual journey at a very young age. Born in a family of astrologers and priests, he began learning the basics of astrology and Vaastu since his early days. His precise and extensive knowledge was passed on to him by his ancestors. Blessed by the Almighty, he has been practicing and serving people since more than 20 years and is today regarded as the Top astrologer in India.

As a renowned Vaastu Expert, Pt. Pawan Kaushik also offers effective Vastu remedies to ensure a positive and peaceful environment. Apart from residential, his expertize extends up to other segments of Vastu such as Commercial Vastu and Political Vastu.
Pt. Pawan Kaushik has helped many in need and walked an extra mile to help people regain the lost hope in their life. His proficiency in gemstones has helped many find stability and security in career, relationships, wealth and life! As a certified Gemsto Consultant, his popularity and credibility can be measured by the level of respect his admirers shower on him.

Felicitated with Paridhi Achievers Award, Pt. PawanKaushik’s detailed insights can provide:

  • Astrological and Vaastu guidance through detailed conversations.
  • Gun-milan and matrimonial remedies for removal of any hardships in Kundlis
  • Overcome fears of separation and divorce with verified astrological remedies.
  • Expert Vaastu guidance – while constructing as well as furnishing your house.
  • Heal the ailing person by predicting the anticipated illness through possible remedies.
  • Cautious selection of gemstones as a remedy to ward off any negative force that can cause illness, distress, financial loss, career problems etc
  • Ease the underlying tensions regarding education, career, failed business, money loss, tough work environment etc.
  • Protection against all evil influences.

Pt. PawanKaushik has extended his capabilities to countless directions in order to help the community walk away from the chaotic paths of misery and discontent.



As the founder of Shree Shyam Jyotish Kendra, he established this centre to serve people with the most effective solutions for all their problems. Known to help the restless souls seek solace, his highly efficient remedial measures have helped his followers overcome the prevailing as well as foreseen miseries. Starting from ill-health and lack of mental peace to one’s failed marriage or troubled work environment, his calm nature and humble interaction has helped the seeker achieve utmost easiness and easy life.


VaastuShastra is a field of Astrology that helps create pleasant environment in the most scientific way and promote positivity in the place where you live or work. Pt. Pawan Kaushik mainly educates one on how to maintain the balance between five elements (Earth Water, Sun, Air& Space) in a building and advance their effects to strengthen the positivity. His services include Residential Vaastu, Commercial Vaastu services and Religious Vaastu services.

Residential Vaastu: Guidance on each and every aspect of a house starting from placement of things, direction of the rooms, wall color of the rooms etc. Be it a bedroom, children’s room, Puja room or bathroom, not even a single aspect in a house should be overlooked while building as well as furnishing a house.

Commercial Vaastu: Detailed guidance to ensure increased popularity and a peaceful professional life. Sometimes, while constructing our offices/workplace, we try to utilize each and every available space and this is where we give rise to blunders. If a complex/office is built in accordance with Vaastu, the business absolutely gains fame, popularity and monetary flow.

Religious Vaastu: It is important that the religious or spiritual organization is Vaastu compliant. The institute focuses on imbibing religious knowledge to its student and if it’s not built on the principles of Vaastu, it might inhibit students from grasping studies resourcefully. Pt. PawanKaushik guides you on the pre-set norms and principles of religious Vaastu in order to enhance the comprehensive power of one’s soul and mind.


Finding or sustaining a relationship can be difficult, especially if the couple has discriminating interests. Vedic Astrology is an absolute answer to all the questions and provides complete solutions to all your relationship problems such as failed marriage, sinking love, child problems, conflicts, etc. But what’s more important is before tying knots, one should certainly get their horoscopes or Kundlis checked for any compatibility issues or foreseen troubles. Deep rooted in Hinduism, Match-making or Kundli Milan is a procedure of analyzing the couple’s Kundli for any incompatibility which can prevent them from a lasting, balanced and peaceful companionship.

As a qualified Astrologer, Pt. PawanKaushik is a professional matchmaker who offers his well-practiced services to the nation and helps the couple lead a happy life till eternity. He closely connects with his clients and deeply goes through each and every piece of Astrological information affirmed in one’s Kundli. After thorough calculations and comparison of all the 8 facts that govern the Gun Milap, he provides detailed reports on final score that outlines the compatibility amongst the two which determines the stability of a union.


Since ages, Vedic astrology has been using a variety of natural stones, known as Gemtstones, to balance and stabilize the effects of planetary deficiencies. Be it health, wealth, mental peace or career, these tiny yet powerful stones holds the ability to effect every aspect of our lives radically. Guided by an expert astrologer, a suitable gem of considerate weight can bring a significant positivity in our lives. Although one must note that not every gemstone is auspicious and not every stone suits every soul. If worn inappropriately, it can wreck one’s life to an unimaginable extent! Pt. PawanKaushik possesses massive hold on the field of Gemology and can guide one on the suitability as well as accurate methods of wearing these stones in order to ensure a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.

Health Remedies

We all know is Health is Wealth! Astrology plays a significant role in the physical well-being of a person! One should know that the position of planets in our horoscope undeniably affects our health conditions. This field of Astrology consists of the most powerful divine healing therapies that help one surmount health or beauty related problems. Pt. PawanKaushik helps you bid adieu to your long prevailing sickness, stress and moments of despair by instilling positive and favourable energies in your life. After careful examination of one’s Kundli, he offers various Astrological remedies to eliminate the malefic effects of planets responsible for our poor health and tormenting diseases.