As the 12th (Last) sun sign of the Zodiac, the Pisces symbol is featured by a pair of fish swimming head to tail in a circle. This symbol represents the life after death, also known as reincarnation. There is a myth amongst astrologers that one can effortlessly spot Pisces’ by their crossed legs, even if they’re standing. The likely reason behind this is the symbol of these two fishes who, apparently, look like they are swimming in opposite directions.

People born under this sun sign are hard to interpret due to their mysterious and elusive nature. They tend to mold themselves as per their experiences and surroundings. They can be deeply affected by their surroundings and are likely to get completely absorbed in their environment. They have the ability to feel other’s pain and are very sympathetic towards people. Any injustice or grievance can leave a deep impact on their heart. Known for their extreme temperaments, they are far away from any balanced emotion. Either they are extremely happy or awfully depressed.

As compared to any other Zodiac sign, Pisces are known for their intuitive and psychic ability. They always trust their instincts and even if they don’t, with time they learn to trust their hunch since it’s usually correct. Be it spirituality, the occult, astrology or anything beyond the existence of real world, they hold exceptional interests in such conversations.


Pisces tend to be very sensitive and needy and can, unintentionally, end up dragging individuals around them. They need a dominating partner in their life or else they are likely to fall into a mesh of self-pity and self-destruction. People born under this sun sign tend to live in their fantasy world of happy people and happy endings and hence, need a controlling partner to keep them grounded and on the right path. As an extremely emotional and loyal mate, they believe in walking an extra mile to help anybody in need. Although, they desire to do everything to make things right, one should not burden them with all their problems since they are likely to lose their own identity in your situation. They need a strong positive partner to help them stay strong.

Pisces like adventure, exotic locations and social dos. They are always occupied with something exciting in their mind and are receptive to long lasting and prosperous relationships. They cannot handle rejections and hence, treat others the way they want to be treated. Even if, sometimes, they are become a Victim of empty promises, they never lose faith and keep walking until they find their better half.

Pisces Women

Pisces women are very attractive, appealing and feminine. She has the ability to see right through a man and cannot be fooled easily. She likes to nurture and likes to order his man, but only for his own good. Like a loving mother, she always ensures that her man is eating properly and getting enough sleep. The only thing she expects in return is protection, love and somebody to make her feel wanted. Although she can be clingy and dependent, but she always knows the limits! She can never be overbearing.

Pisces Man

Born an ultimate romantic, Pisces male is the ideal zodiac sign for the women who are on a hunt for sensitive men! He has some pre-set and unrealistic definitions of romance and once he realizes that there is no such thing as a perfect woman, he may easily fall out of love. Men born under this sun sign tends to live in the world of dreams and absolutely needs a woman to keep them grounded. They desire a type of woman who can subtly control them and can help them stay clear of bad habits and thoughts. Pisces man needs to be nurtured passionately and he will nurture you back.


People born with this Sun sign are usually better off working for themselves than for somebody else. They are too sensitive, self-doubting and undisciplined to handle a position of leadership or high business person. They are a gifted artist and do good in creative fields such as writing, acting, poetry, and music. They are superb at anything that touches their heart and souls. Alas, most Pisces chooses the easy path in life and hence, fail to achieve those heights of fame that they could possibly earn. They should learn to stop doubting themselves. Pisces can perform remarkably well at various fields except anything related to logic. Their endless search for spiritual meaning can reward them with supreme heights if they undertake professions which involve spiritual errands.


Pisces can be easily lured to drugs or alcohol for any kind of distraction. They are advised to avoid this for obvious reasons, but mainly due to of their extremely addictive and compulsive nature. Due to rejections or failed fulfillment of desires, they have a tendency to incline towards depression and restlessness. They should religiously exercise in order to overcome melancholy. Besides this, they have a propensity towards feet, respiratory and circulation system-related ailments. Sometimes, even slight seasonal changes can badly affect their health.