Navratri, one of the most scared Hindu festivals, is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Durga, the Divine Mother. During the nine days of Navratri, devotees offer heart-felt prayers to the Deity so as to seek Her Holy blessings for physical well-being, good fortune and a blissful life. But, you must AVOID doing certain inauspicious things during Navratri.


  • Do Not Cut your Nails & Hair: During nine days of Navratri, avoid cutting nails, hair. Also, refrain from shaving your beard and moustache.
  • Do Not Touch Needle: It is regarded inauspicious to touch needle on nine days of Navratri. Avoid stitching and knitting during the sacred occasion of Navratri.
  • Avoid using Abusive Language: On the holy days of Navratri, vow to avoid the usage of abusive language and any harsh words spoken to others.
  • Do Not Wear Slippers inside House: Care should be taken to not wear slippers inside house during nine days of Navratri as the house is believed to be the residence of Goddess during the pious Navratri festival.
  • Avoid Tamasic Food: To maintain the holiness of the blessed Navratri festival, avoid consumption of tamasic food, that is, food containing onion, garlic and most importantly, non-vegetarian food.
  • Do Not Consume Addictive Substances: Intake of alcohol, drugs and other addictive substances should be strictly prohibited during the holy days of Navratri.

Thus, in order to make Navratri 2017, more blissful and, full of love, peace and harmony, follow these simple yet effective ways to please the Almighty and surrender completely at the Divine’s feet! For more information regarding Hindu festivals and tithis (dates), refer


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