Leos are the extremely charming sun-sign amongst all other Zodiacs and everyone around them gets lured with their charm. They possess a grand personality and are never ignored by anyone around. They are successful in every field they step in and people find them so attractive, that they hardly have any enemies. They treat the world as if it is their Kingdom and they are meant to rule it with their powers. This kind of thinking, sometimes, makes them arrogant and harsh. They hardly care for the emotions of the people around them and may sometimes pass hurtful remarks. A Leo should never take success or praise into their heads as it turns them nasty and wicked. They follow the trends that the rich follow and hide this habit of theirs. They are outspoken but know when to manipulate their ways with a little touch of polite words. Leos are dead honest in personal and professional space. Born leaders, they are up for any challenges thrown in their way and excel in everything they take up. Their self-confidence is the absolute key to their success. They should just try to control their anger and stress level as it may hamper their personal relationships in life.


They add liveliness even in their workplaces with their charming persona. They are everyone’s favourite in their workplace. They are exceptionally capable and successful leaders who know what they want and achieve it with their outstanding team spirit. They make successful managers, entrepreneurs and marketing agents. They are best in the professions that need expression of thought. They, however, tend to act restless which worries the people around them in their workplace. Leos are always open up for challenges and never say no to any work. The positive aspect is that they are always successful in whatever they do or undertake. They are successful in careers like Army and Medicals as Leos are very skillful in their techniques. Leos take up a job or work in the early stages of their life which is the underlying reason for their self-confidence and success. Overall, Leos leave no stone unturned to acquire a comfortable and luxurious life but, must never indulge themselves in sports like gambling as they may prove unlucky for them.


The Leos offend a lot of people with their arrogant temperament but still, they are always the centre of attraction at parties and events. They are stylish lovers keeping in mind their love for imitating others. They know all the techniques of wooing and pampering available in the market. They are very expressive in their relationships and are very open regarding the ways they do it. Anybody falling in love with a Leo must be ready for some dramatic love surprises! They spoil their lovers with trips to exotic places, expensive gifts and cozy dinners. They are addicted to being the centre of attraction in everybody’s life. They should always be cautious of people who hang around for a very long time as they are bound to break a Leo’s heart and leave them in despair. Leos experience a lot of heart breaks and failed relationships because of their miserable romantic choices. Hence, they should never just jump into a commitment immediately. Once in a relationship, they are known to be the most loyal and honest partners.


A Leo needs to maintain good health and energy as they tend to over-exert themselves in work. They should be very careful in terms of their meals and should have a lot of fruit intake. They are hardcore business professionals which can sometimes take a toll on their health. They should go on regular breaks and vacations for rejuvenating their energies.Leos are prone to heart ailments and any amount of stress, be it emotional or professional, is not good for them. They should part ways with some of the work responsibilities in order to have a peaceful and healthy life. Leos do not like exercising a lot but it is essential for them to undertake some for their physical fitness. Trying a little Yoga can also bring down their stress level. They should also be cautious towards back problems which is again a consequence of their unending work timings. Overall, Leos can live a healthy long life with a little precautions and care.