Geminis possess extremely impressive and flair communication skills. Their selection of witty words can leave their enemies and opponents totally speechless. Known to be a little emotional, they tend to easily melt at somebody’s sufferings. They take high interests in talking about things people love, which, sometimes, become one of their biggest weaknesses. Although they tend to live as per other’s parameters and expectations, their clever tongues help them easily adapt in any situation. They are hard to win when it comes to love and cannot be easily wooed by flowery compliments. They possess high intellect and have the ability to become a significant part of a discussion related to any topic! They possess the ability to describe ordinary things with such enthusiasm that others in the conversation can start developing fondness for the subject.


When it comes to leadership, they might not be the best but what they truly possess is outstanding communication skills. High intelligence and capability to think right distinguishes them from the people around. Geminis like reading a lot and feed on any kind of information that comes their way. They take advantage of any developments in their work arena and astonish their superiors. This ability of the Gemini rewards them with a lot of praise and sometimes, even promotions. They know their ambitions very well and work hard to achieve them in every possible way. Impatient and restless, they tend to shift their jobs and projects frequently. Conclusively, Geminis never fail to deliver quality work and best flourish as teachers, writers and journalist as these professions allow them to showcase their wonderful art of communication. Although, media industry and sales job are beneficial for the Geminis, but they fail to stay long in a job where there is no application of their gifted communication skills.

Love & Relationships:

Geminis have an ever-changing nature and do not jump into commitments or relationships very soon. They like clearing their doubts and confusions before entering into a commitment. Geminis get distracted very easily, as a result of which, they fail to concentrate on their relationships. They know it for a fact that to sustain a relationship, they need to constantly nurture it. Hence, they avoid forming such bonds until they are sure that they can make it an utmost priority in their lives. Once in a relationship, Geminis prove to be an excellent partner and work as a team in every chore of their lives.People from the opposite sex always find them interesting, humorous and adventurous. Sometimes, they experience many failed relationships as well as marriages, hence they should think twice before heading into a relationship. Interestingly, Geminis are a little mysterious for their lovers which make their relationships even exciting. Besides this, their frequent mood swings can sometimes frustrate their partners. Hence, they should try harder to keep their temper in control to ensure a lasting bond.


Geminis have an ever-smiling face along with an attractive bone structure. Extremely enthusiastic and hard-working, they are easily prone to uneasiness and sleeplessness. Born hyper, this sun sign needs to pay attention towards their diet and should get adequate sleep to avoid any afflictions caused by insomnia. They are prone to face accidents which can harm their fingers, arms, shoulders or rib-cage. Besides this, they are prone to suffer from asthma and bronchitis. They dislike physical pain and therefore take all precautions to avoid it. Good at multi-tasking, the busy schedule of the Gemini also results in health problems as they are always preoccupied with more than one work. They must exercise and meditate regularly in order to bring down their stress levels, caused due to excessive work. Yoga can also prove to be a good remedy for their problems as it improves concentration and reduces stress.