As the 10th Astrological sign of the Zodiac, Capricorns are known for their common sense and racticality. They only come to a conclusion after utter consideration of all possible situations. They suck at spontaneity and everything they do is preplanned and well rehearsed. They just can’t handle failures and hence, do every possible thing in order to attain fruitful results for their hard work and efforts. They only believe what they see and tend to get restless with something they can’t see or understand. They are exceptionally responsible about every task allotted to them and are highly resourceful and skilled.. Although, they lack that vision and do not have any ambition in life, but one they have a goal, they achieve it one way or the other.

People born under this Astrological sign are levelheaded and extremely rational. They are watchful about everything or every person they get in touch with. One fallback of this sun sign is their endless efforts to be a perfectionist and this is the major reason why many people dislike them. They do not like to be instructed by others and show a sign of stubbornness. Capricorns prefer following the tried and tested ways and are rarely inventive or creative.

Love and relationships

Capricorns make a very affectionate and loyal partner. They take every possible effort to achieve a harmonious and prosperous relationship. Hence, those looking for a match with a Capricorn can expect a peaceful and romantic bond. Capricorn women are fond of raising families and are proven great moms, while Capricorn men are passionate but not very sensitive. They need to learn to be selfless and unconditional in a relationship.

Capricorns are one of the most reliable and humble folks one can ever encounter. One can blindly trust and can count on them, no matter how difficult the situation is. One should never be doubtful about their dependability and can openly discuss their thoughts and emotions.


Capricorns are very determined in their actions and barely get disturbed by hardships or failures. They try and try until they succeed. Sometimes selfish, a Capricorn would hardly be active if the task does not interest him at all. Their determination to attain their goals by hook or by crook can sometimes make them mean, insensible and cold. Besides this, they have a very materialistic approach in life and have a liking for worldly pleasures and luxuries. Capricorns are highly ambitious and they wouldn’t hesitate to take any route which will lead them to success.

Extremely resolute and hardworking, Capricorns taste victory in whatever they pursue as a part of their profession. Apart from this, they make great leaders and their ability to manage time as well as people make them successful managers. However, they tend to easily get jealous of other’s achievements and do not have a big heart to see people succeeding. Barely swayed by any failures, Capricorns are highly tolerant and always pursue their goals resolutely.


Capricorns are prone to ailments such as skin allergies, joint problems, digestive troubles, heart and blood problems etc. Apart from this, they are also susceptible to broken bones, cramps, dislocation of the body parts below knees. A lot of worrying can cause physical disorders and hence, should they try to stay as stress-free as they can. They are advised to relieve their stress with the help of regular exercises and healthy diet. They are likely to suffer from uncertainty and anxiety in childhood days but thrive in the later years. They do not normally get affected by a disease but once they do, the symptoms tend to result in a long –lasting illness.