The crabs have a tendency of being loved a lot! Their life is surrounded by their loved ones and cannot stand any obstacles coming in their family’s way. Sometimes, a cancer can pass or say hurtful remarks but none of it is ever spoken intentionally. They always react in the fit of rage or in the heat of a moment which creates unnecessary troubles for them. On the inside, they are an emotional and sensitive sign of the Zodiac that needs constant pampering and love for emotional stability in their lives. Beneath their tough exterior lies in a heart that truly cares for everyone and loves to serve their loved ones in the best possible way.
As a Cancer, you often tend to dive into the pool of emotions, happy one moment and gloomy the next moment. At times, your trips to the world of emotions get so frequent that it can definitely drive people mad. Keeping a tab on your mood swings can save you from indulging in self pity.

You have a heart of gold and you proudly wear it on your sleeve. You love to help people, even if they have been your hardcore enemies once upon a time. Cancerians are not known to hold grudges and are more than likely to forgive, but only after they have derived enough sympathy. When you fail to generate empathy in others, you move back to your shell, where you probably stays till your mind clears up and negative thoughts are gone or till the moment someone comes to help you sort out your mind. But when others are in pain, they are likely to come to you and find comfort in your tender and nurturing nature.

You are blessed with a sharp memory and love to tell stories of your past but there are certain things that you don’t tell anyone; some secrets have to be preserved and kept hidden forever. Cancer, being a water sign has intuitive powers, of which you make great use of. You do not open up easily to others and understanding you can be a task in itself. But when you do you are great fun to have around.

Cancerians are the best when they are an artist or anything that requires the skill of the hand as this sign of the Zodiac is believed to be blessed in terms of hands. They equally do well in fields of sales, marketing and can earn a decent livelihood. Imaginative Cancerians are also good at writing beautiful poems and stories. Although they are not spendthrifts and usually watch carefully what they spend, they may be easily lured in the games of shower income such as lottery, gambling, betting, etc. They should avoid falling into this vicious circle as it can lead to a lot of monetary loss.
Their decisions are mostly influenced by monetary benefits and they know the importance of money in their life. They very well are aware of the fact that with money brings stability and security. The only drawback with a cancerian is their distraction or lack on continuation in completing the assigned tasks to them. But nevertheless, Cancerians can touch great heights of success if they leave their introvert nature behind and develop self confidence.

Crabs are complex and so are the people born under this zodiac sign. Although hard and tough from the outside, they have a very sensitive and emotional inside. They are usually drawn towards people who are completely opposite to their nature and profession. Because of their introvert nature, they are not very expressive in their relationships and sometimes do not profess their feelings in front of the people they truly love, which is the major reason for the Cancerian love stories to be one-sided. But once in a relationship, they are loyal and faithful. They are never seen fooling around on dating sites or flirting with others. They like being committed and always give their 100% in their relationships. That is why Cancerians are the best partners when it comes to long-lasting relationships. They love pampering the people they love in every possible way and are very cooperative and helping in nature. For some people, Cancerians can be too clingy or possessive beings, but the ones who love them understand their concern for emotional security. They give complete personal space to their partners and understand their needs and desires perfectly. Home and family are the most important things in the life of a Cancerian and therefore, they prove to be a wonderful partner. If you marry a Cancerian, your matrimony is all set to experience bliss and harmony throughout your life.

Health :
Cancerians are a little lazy when it comes to exercises or fitness. They like lying around with a stack of magazines or in front of a television. They are absolute food lovers and are, sometimes, overweight. They struggle to control their weight gain but their laziness to change anything obstructs their way. They must alter their bad food habits in order to maintain a healthy physical well-being. Being a family person, they should involve their family in helping them begin exercises and yoga. Cancerians are sensitive and may suffer from problems related to heart and blood pressure. They often take things straight on their heart. Avoiding hurtful remarks is a tact that the Cancerian needs to learn in order to stay fit. They should also be cautious about the problems related to stomach as people born under this Zodiac experience stomach problems. Most importantly, a Cancerian must never seek help of alcohol to evade their problems as it may amplify their desolation and can further increase their stress-levels.