Vastu refers to the science of architecture where personal and professional spaces are built in complete harmony with the Nature. Vastu acts as a medium between Nature and people. It is solely practiced to grab the influence of Mother Nature and bring positivity in our lives in terms of education, career, relationships, wealth and physical well-being.

Vastu principles are based on the fact that the Earth is made up of 5 elements called ‘Panch Maha Bhoot’ :

1- Earth
2- Water
3- Air
4- Fire
5- Space

These five elements are strongly related to each other. Vastu helps us derive benefits from these 5 elements in order to keep our life positive and balanced. In case of any imbalance between these 5 elements, it can result in dreadful consequences and bring sheer misery and downfalls. Vastu guides and provides corrective measures to balance any disturbed directions of these 5 elements. Vastu ensures ways to improve our lives by acting as a powerful medium in difficult and troubled times.

Nowadays, due to growing desires for a better lifestyle, there has been a rise in the demand for new houses, workplaces and shops. Many people look up to Vastu tips from an expert Vastu Consultant in order to get peace, success and prosperity in whatever they do. Vastu Shastra basically eliminates all the damaging energies present around us and bring positive energies.

Proper following of Residential Vastu helps bring following changes:

  • The energy level starts rising and the level of stress starts declining.
  • Elimination of prevailing health-problems.
  • Strengthened bonds amongst family members.
  • Peaceful environment.
  • Financial inflow.
  • An inspiration to do something good.
  • Improved daily schedules and sleeping pattern.

Proper following of Commercial Vastu helps bring following changes:

  • Profit, growth and business expansion
  • Intelligence, innovation and creativity is enhanced
  • Stress-free and Trouble-free workplace
  • Improved efficiency of the workers

An expert in Vastu Shastra must possess authentic and detailed knowledge about the subject along with ample experience to help people follow and adopt the right direction and make their life happy and Prosperous. By guiding people about proper positioning of certain things in homes and workplaces, one can bring a lot of positive changes and the turnaround the distressing conditions. Pandit Pawan Kaushik can teach the basic principles of Vastu Shastra and help individuals accurately diagnose the reasons causing trouble in their environments. Besides this, he also teaches various corrective measures that can eliminate the root cause of a problem and create a path of happiness, peace and prosperity by balancing the nature. As a learner one has to be prepared and ready for extensive research and case studies in order to become proficient in the field.

The Training aims to Educate the Learner:

  • The origin, influence and history of Vastu Shastra
  • Effects and influences of these 5 elements in our daily lives ( Air, space, fire, water and earth)
  • The significance of various types of Vastu Shastra (Residential, commercial, political etc)
  • Vastu remedies and measures for bringing positivity in homes and workplaces
  • Help differentiate between myths and facts about Vastu Shastra
  • How to further educate the society and maintain harmonious environment
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