Mother Earth has given us an astonishing treasure of precious stones known as Gemstones. These stones, such as Diamonds, Emeralds, Pearls, Sapphires, etc are cherished round the globe for their ability to bring prosperity in one’s life. In the field of Astrology, gemstones are widely used to ward off any malefic effects of planets and to strengthen their positive effects. Since thousands of years, various incidences have confirmed gemstones as a powerful remedy for any difficulties and complexities in mankind. These stones encircle the wearer with an electromagnetic field and neutralize any ill effects of a planet. A pure Jyotish gemstone allows only positive effects to reach a person.

One should be highly cautious while wearing a gemstone. Not every gem suits every human. As per Vedic astrology, a right gemstone holds the ability to strengthen one’s fate and destiny while a wrong one can produce sickness and suffering. So, how can one judge which gem would prove to be effective or otherwise?
It is essential that one should wear a gemstone only as per one’s natal chart. Gemstones are typically recommended by capable astrologers based on one’s horoscope. Gemology is a vast field of Astrology and no matter how much one knows, it will never be enough. There exists a higher possibility that the next gemologist you encounter would definitely know something that you might not. This is an on-going process and hence, always gives you an opportunity to learn more and share more.

A well-qualified gemologist takes years to accomplish. The initial phase is all about thorough understanding and studying of this field while the later years are strictly devoted to the application of this knowledge in real world.

With the blessings from the Almighty, Pt. Pawan Kaushik has been helping the nation with his expertise in this gigantic field of Gemology. Besides this, he has also been educating and training people from various industries about the authentic methods for predictions regarding suitable gemstones. This expertise was born out of decades of night-long studies and detailed research. He formulated this training course to help Vedic astrologers (jyotish) as well as individuals who wish to understand each and every property of specific gemstones. During the training, the candidates are taught, the most authentic methods to prescribe gemstones, that too in a logical way. Soon after the completion of this training, one would be in a position to craft accurate and precise predictions about the effects of a particular gem on a person.

This Training aims to provide:

• Students with thorough knowledge of this field.
• Relevant information on the effects of gems on humans.
• Significant information on cosmic rays transmitted by gemstones.
• Information on the amplification/reduction of specific planetary influences due to gems.
• Facts and to clear some false beliefs regarding the significance of gems.
• Background knowledge of ancient texts, along with modern studies, in order to enhance the ability to provide accurate and precise predictions.

The Training is relevant for:

• Experienced Jyotish with a desire to enhance their knowledge of gems in concordance with the horoscope.
• Astrology Teachers who are looking forward to teach these methods to prospective students.
• Astrology students who wish to learn this field of Gemology.
• Ayurveda students studying the basics of jyotish.
• Individuals who wish to learn the basics for their personal growth and prosperity.

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