Even in these modern times, people still look up to God when despondence and difficulties surround them. They need a guiding force that can hold their hand and walk them out of their problems; a force that can mend their lives and lead them to success in every aspect of their lives. In a country like India, marriages are not achievable until a proficient Astrologer matches the Kundlis of the prospective couple and comes up with an auspicious date.

Basically, Astrology is the science that establishes a strong connection between the Universe and the inhabitants of Earth. It carefully studies the movement of planets, stars and other celestial objects and connects them to human behavior. As per Vedic Astrology, the movement of planets and stars strongly influences the nature of a person and also, his circumstances. Astrology is not just what we read in the horoscope section or what we watch on television; it is much more than that. It is a vast field of study that needs dedication, devotion and focus.

It is mandatory for an astrologer to learn the basic fundamentals and acquire in-depth knowledge of this field. Not everyone can guide or familiarize you with the little yet crucial information. Today, every other person asserts to be an astrologer, but one must always understand that Astrology is a field that, not everybody can master.

With the blessings from the Almighty, Pt. Pawan Kaushik has been helping the nation with his expertise in this gigantic field of Astrology. This expertise was born out of decades of night-long studies and detailed research. He formulated this training course to help Vedic astrologers learn every minute detail of this vast field of Astrology. Soon after the completion of this training, one would be in a position to identify and foretell the imminent:

  • A real astrologer not just focus on your sun sign, he carefully examine all the planets in the solar system and relates everything with your date of birth.
  • The carefully study of the Universe helps the astrologer determine detailed personality and behavior of an individual.
  • An expert astrologer can provide measures for rectifying and correcting the existing as well as forthcoming damages.
  • Another aspect of Astrology, match-making, helps unite a couple for a long-lasting wedding. This can only be evaluated by an expert after careful study of the couple’s Kundlis.
  • Astrology instills the native with new perspectives and outlook towards the world.

The training aims to:

  • Provide learners with proficient knowledge of Astrology and its dimensions.
  • Engaging the learners and hone their astrological skills.
  • Help them expand their level of understanding, imaginative powers and vision.
  • Effects and influences of the astrology on an individual’s life.
  • Efficient training on match-making
  • Astrological remedies and measures for overcoming troubles and worries.
  • Help differentiate between myths and facts surrounding Astrology.
  • Educate a learner about the origin, influence and history of Astrology.
  • Train people who wish to learn the fundamentals for their personal growth and prosperity.
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