Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. A little selfish, Aries always take what they want. They are fearless and have complete confidence on their abilities and intelligence. They do not give up on anything easily even if they experience several defeats. They do not hold on to the pains that people give them for a very long time. Just like an open book, they do not prefer hiding or complicating things in life. Aries are very good at convincing and know how to get their things done easily. They prefer being straight forward and blunt and never sugar-coat their words. Overall, they have a very and faithful personality. Aries, however, do not like being caught in their weak moments. Deceptiveness and deviousness are completely alien to their nature. They are very daring, brave and love taking initiatives in their life and just can’t stand physical pain or sufferings. Aries need to learn how to take charge of the work they love. The Moon, Uranus, Saturn and Mars always bless Aries with immense power and energy. Aries are known to be the ones who initiate a process and further allow others to take

Business – Career

Aries witnesses many ups and downs in their career before tasting success. One moment, they would be experiencing continuous success in their career whereas the next moment, they may hit the bottoms. But no matter what happens, they always keep their head and mind clear. The only thing that an Aries need to focus on is to search and do what they love doing. By just focusing on their ambitions with passion, success automatically follows an Aries. Sometimes, an Aries suffers when they give priority to other’s work and forget their own. This hinders their career growth. They should learn to only focus on their commitments and should never get carried away by any emotional decisions. When an Aries work, he only bothers about the money that flows in. However, they sometimes tend to behave as a spendthrift, which should be avoided at any cost. Saving money is never a priority for them. They are capable of taking decisions related to real estate and investment. On the whole, an Aries enjoys a sound career and financial stability in whichever field they enter.


Aries are very impatient when it comes to falling in love. They have an awful tendency of jumping into relationships and commitments, which they later regret. According to them, every person they meet is perfect match. They care less about finding or waiting for Mr or Mrs Right! For them, love is like a strategy that needs to be executed properly. Once in a relationship, they are extremely loyal and faithful. They fill their relationships with fun and excitement. Their partners are lucky to enjoy Surprise dinners, gifts, exotic outings. They love spoiling and pampering their partners with praises and compliments. An Aries may be a little possessive and jealous in relationships, but their extreme passion and romance towards their partners overshadow their possessiveness. The only fallback of this sun sign is their stubbornness and dominating temperament, which sometimes spoils their healthy relationships. An Aries needs to learn how a little tolerance and compromise can help their relationships grow stronger and everlasting. They strongly believe in actions more than words when it comes to expressing their love. They are known to be extremely caring lovers in the long run. On the other hand, too much of care may cause a little suffocation to their partner. They need to learn to give a little space to their partners to avoid letting any small act hamper their relationship.


An Aries needs to learn that a healthy diet leads to a healthy life. Their busy schedule leads them to skipping meals, which results in various consequences. In the race of reaching the heights, they sometimes overstress themselves which causes health disorders. Aries are prone to diseases of heart and stomach. An Aries should reduce the intake of fatty food like breads and carbohydrates and should increase the intake of proteins and green vegetables. Coffee and caffeine should also be avoided as it further increases the stress level. It is highly advised that they should include some physical exercises in order to reduce their anxiety and strain-related troubles such as severe headaches. One can also indulge in meditation and power yoga to further soothe the mind and live a healthy life.